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Most Of The Important Player

Casino players are having discussions. Who is the most important player in the casino? Is it the blackjack player, who bets $ 25 a hand or the slot player who inserts only $ 3 on the slot machine?

So far, slot players are far more important than any other casino player. And here it is because.

A blackjack player can risk $ 1500 to $ 2000 of every hour spending at the blackjack table. The blackjack player will meet 60 to 80 decisions per hour. A majority of blackjack casino players do not know the strategies about the game. Basically, the casino already has the winning edge against the player. The house advantage against the blackjack player is about 1 to 2 percent.

The blackjack player who loses at the edge of the casino will make the player lose about $ 7.50 – $ 10 an hour. A normal blackjack player can spent about four hours at the blackjack table. That can amount to aa $ 30- $ 40 each day.

Blackjack players seem to be losing huge amounts of money. But take a closer look at the slot player during the same period of time that the blackjack player is spending on the table.

Each spin the slot player is inserting $ 3 with an average pitch of about 10 to 12 rotations every minute. The casino advantage against the slot player is about 5 to 8 percent. In the simplest words, the slot player can lose around $ 90- $ 108 an hour playing slots. In about four hours the slot player is spending on the slot, just as the blackjack player has site spending on the table for around four hours. The slot player can lose around $ 360- $ 432. Now that’s a huge amount of money.

That’s not all bad news. If the player chooses to play on the slot that is a progressive type and he keeps on playing on the machine he can lose an astounding $ 1296 a day.

All in all, slot players are more important than the blackjack player $ 100 or the baccarat player with $ 150 or craps the player with $ 200.

Here’s the catch, people tend to play slots more than any other table games, thinking they could bet less on the slot than in any other casino games . $ 3 bet is a lot that $ 25 or $ 100 wagered. If they thought about betting less, they could lose less. But really that is not the case.

I’m not telling the slot player to stop playing slots. This is to show that slot players are the most important player over other casino players. Casinos are actually earning more from the slot than blackjack or roulette and they like it that way. Also, you do not have to pay a slot machine a salary too!

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