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Craps Casino Players

Players craps consist of common people from all walks of life, just like you or anyone else. Most play for fun, and, win or lose, the game can be fun. Craps is not a group game. All players bet against house and player decisions do not affect the other. The number of players is limited only by the number of people who can squeeze around the table, so if you can slide in length and get at the disposal, go to it.

We know if we are going to play we have to bet, so we will need chips, or checks. These colorful discs are used instead of cash for several reasons. First, the funds required by a casino are a fraction of what would be required if the entire table were stored with cash; second, the different colors of the pieces simplify the croupier’s job of paying winning bets; in conclusion, the possibility of theft is reduced, since stolen pieces must be later converted into cash.

Everyone craps the table at a minimum-bet condition. A sign is placed next to the croupiers on either end to indicate the table stakes. In Atlantic City, you can easily tell the stakes by the color of the sign. White indicates a bet of $ 2 or $ 3 minimum, red indicates a minimum $ 5, green indicates $ 25 minimum, blue indicates a minimum $ 50, and black indicates a minimum $ 100. The maximums usually change between $ 300 and $ 1,000, although the top casinos raise the maximum, upon the request of a high-rolling player.

Place a portion of your currency in front of the dealer and, so that it is not confused with a bet, announce clearly, “change, please. Do not try to give the dealer back your money. Drop it on the table. Croupiers are not allowed to take money out of your hand, and they are not allowed to give you back your chips. The dealer usually repeats the phrase, “change only,” and gives the money, or currency, to the boxman manager, who then counts the money and gives the dealer the full amount. The croupier will then place the equivalent number of pieces at the table in front of you. Immediately place the pieces you do not bet in the chip flutes provided at the table directly in front of you. Never leave the pieces on the layout, as they can be considered a bet. Remember that dealers must pay off all previous winning bets, and will usually make new bets before stopping to make the change. If you think the dice will be thrown away before you get your chips, clearly announce the size and type of the bet you make; if the dealer recognizes it (called “booking”), you have a bet.

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