Better For Gambling

Wynn Family Split On Which Candidate Will Be Better For Gambling

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The casino industry in America has made their choice for the next President of the United States, and their choice is overwhelmingly Senator John McCain. At least he is the choice3 of the biggest casino operators in Las Vegas.

Wynn is a lifelong Democrat, and the fact that he is fundraising for McCain has caused some waves within his own household. While he was raising money for McCain, his wife has donated money to the campaign of Senator Barack Obama.

Wynn’s wife has given between $50,000 and $100,000 to Obama. The fact that McCain has garnered so much support from the gambling industry is puzzling considering the fact that he once tried to ban sports gambling.

The gaming industry quickly shot down that attempt by throwing contribution money at Congress. “This is all about money! This is all about $10 million in campaign contributions by the gambling industry,” McCain said at the time.

Oh, how the years have changed McCain. Those same groups that he once loathed, he now accepts campaign contributions from. as for the Wynn’s, it appears the two will not agree when they enter the polling booths next week.

Casino Strikes

Wynn Casino Strikes It Rick With Gold Medal From Jason Kidd

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What could be valuable to a casino icon and his wife who has seemingly everything the world could offer? How about a gold medal from the Olympics that they did not compete in.

It appears to matter not that Steve Wynn and his wife Elaine, did not compete in the Beijing Olympics. They will be forever reminded of the games anyway.

Jason Kidd is fulfilling a promise made to Elaine that if the U.S. basketball team won the gold medal, then Kidd would give his to the Wynn’s. He claims it is the least he could do for their generosity.

Others are speculation that the gold medal could be an exchange for money that Kidd owes the casino, but he swears that is not the case. “No, it’s not a marker or anything like that. She’s (Elaine) just a great friend and a really great person,” said Kidd.

The fondness for Wynn and his casino stems from last summer, when Kidd claims to have been treated extraordinarily. “I told her (Elaine) I’d make a deal with her, that if we won the gold medal, I’d give it to her. She thought I was kidding. But I told her I had one already, and the way they treated us at the Wynn, it was the least I could do,” said Kidd.

Senecas Halting Construction of Casino In Buffalo

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The Seneca Indian Nation has been living dangerously by continuing to construct a casino in Buffalo. A judge has now ruled twice that the tribe’s temporary casino is illegal, but has yet to order it closed.

On Wednesday, the tribe ordered the construction on the permanent casino closed on their own. They are stopping the building not because of the ruling, but because of the current state of the economy.

This is not the first expansion project that has been shut down thanks to the economy. Other developers also feared that the economy would hurt them and their casinos, so they have also put a stop on the building.

While many might believe that the decision today was a direct response to the judge’s ruling, the tribe is claiming that it did not play into the decision. “A decision of that magnitude is not made overnight,” said Phil Pantano, spokesman for the Seneca Gaming Corp.

While the construction will be stopped, the tribe has not ruled out restarting again once the economy picks back up. “We’re going to continue to watch the economy very closely,” said Pantano.

In the meantime, the decision that was made again on Tuesday is being appealed, and the tribe is hopeful that it will be overturned.

Casino Fire

Working Crew Will Not Be Charged in Monte Carlo Casino Fire

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The Monte Carlo Casino has lost a tremendous amount of revenue because of a fire that started in the building a few months ago. The blaze started on the top of the building.

While there was fault found in some of the things that workers were doing that may have caused the fire, authorities have decided not to press charges against the contractors.

Claiming that the contractor, Union Erectors LLC., had suffered enough damage, along with the casino, authorities have decided against filing charges stemming from the fire. They are hoping that this incident will serve as an example for future contractors.

The casino has taken a financial hit of around $100 million between what they lost in revenue and what they lost in having to repair the building. Seventeen people were injured in the fire, but the injuries were only minor.

The other factor that led to no charges in the fire, was that the fire was an apparent accident. While workers were working on the roof without permits, they did not intentionally start the fire.

Authorities have now urged contractors and casinos to make sure that the proper permits are pulled before starting any work. This will prevent these kind of accidents from happening in the future.

Strong Lottery Sales in Massachusetts Show Need For More Gambling

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Governor Deval Patrick is having a hard time getting politicians in his state to go for his expanded casino gambling plan. If lottery sales are any indication, the people of Massachusetts are in favor of his cause.

Lottery officials have come out and said that lottery sales in the state are thriving. So far this year, lottery sales are up ten percent from last year. That is a drastic rise.

It is also a rise that shows that the people of the state are willing to spend money on gambling. That is a fact that Governor Patrick has been trying to drill home to representatives of the state.

As far as the lottery sales go, the numbers are truly unbelievable. “It’s off the charts. It’s really off the charts,” said Timothy Cahill, the chairman of the Lottery Commission and the State Treasurer.

The $20 Blockbuster game has been a big hit with gamblers since the end of September. Sales for the game have gone over $520 million. That number is enough to make anyone realize the need for more gambling options in the state.

Keno sales have been down. The money that has been generated in other games has compensated for the decline in Keno revenue.